Bathurst Court House

Bathurst Courthouse covered in bright colours as it's illuminated.


At the heart of the festival stands the Bathurst Court House, taking centre stage as the central point of the entire event. 

This year, the illumination design of this architectural masterpiece delves into the theme of connections. From basic binary pairings to intricate scientific and social concepts, the artwork incorporates pattern animation and text treatments to convey these ideas. The installation is crafted by ESEM Projects, accompanied by music collaboratively created with local Bathurst musicians.

Prepare yourself for fantastic photo opportunities and the opportunity to become a part of the illumination spectacle. During special events, you can dance to the rhythm of the silent disco on the steps of the Court House, immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere. Don't miss out on this captivating experience that seamlessly merges art, music, and community engagement.

The Bathurst Court House serves as a symbol of the festival's spirit and represents the connection and celebration that unfolds throughout the event.


Bathurst Court House

160 Russell Street, Bathurst

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