The Big Gold Panner

Statue of the Big Gold Panner in Bathurst

Erected in 1979, the Big Gold Panner stands more than five meters tall outside of the Gold Panner Inn just off the Great Western Highway. Found with his pick, sluice box, and inspecting his pan for nuggets of gold, the Big Gold Panner represents Bathurst’s history as the first region in Australia to discover gold and the home of the first gold rush. 

The Big Gold Panner leans over on one knee while holding a gold pan in his hands. Years after installation, a pool was created at his feet to seem like he is actually panning gold. The sluice box was also added to the masterpiece in 1993.

The Big Gold Planner has been repainted over the years to adorn different coloured outfits. It even wears a red nose on Red Nose Day, a campaign to end child poverty.


250 Sydney Road, Kelso, NSW, 2795

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