Reusable Bathurst Winter Festival wine glass sitting on a sandstone block with festoon lighting in the background.

The Bathurst Winter Festival and Bathurst Regional Council are continuously moving towards providing more sustainable events, and each year we work to minimise the environmental impact of festival activities and reduce our footprint.

Our aim is to embed sustainable practices across all levels of our events, from operations to marketing as well as working collaboratively with stakeholders to instil positive environmental behaviours and practices.

Our sustainable initiatives

Reducing plastic landfill

  • Water-fill stations are located throughout the festival and festival-goers are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles, reducing the amount of water being purchased and plastic waster going to landfill.

Eco-friendly fencing

  • We use crowd control barrier covers and scrim to cover fencing, reducing the use of corflute.
  • Where possible we use reusable scrim toggles to install fence coverings, reducing the use of non-reusable materials like cable ties and gaffer tape.

Re-using and recycling materials

  • Where corflute signage is essential, we aim to create as much generic signage as we can, that we can continue to use at future festivals.
  • We supply reusable cutlery kits, wine glasses and shopping bags to festival goers.

Going paperless

  • We provide a digital and downloadable version of the festival flyer, program and map.
  • For the small amount of festival flyers that are printed, we print these on 100% recycled paper.


8 things you can do to reduce your footprint at the Bathurst Winter Festival

  1. Reuse - bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at the free water fill stations, bring your Bathurst Winter Festival wine glass from last year’s festival or buy a reusable one this year and keep for next year, bring a reusable coffee cup for your warm beverages.
  2. Avoid single-use plastics - leave the top off your takeaway coffee cup, use the supplied reusable cutlery, bring your own shopping bag for your market stall purchases.
  3. Go digital - use your mobile ice-skating ticket rather than printing it off, download the digital festival map and program.
  4. Minimise your footprintleave the car at home and walk to the event, carpool or use public transport.
  5. Be waste-wise - follow the instructions on the green, yellow and red bins when disposing of your waste.
  6. Be water-wise - turn off water taps after washing your hands.
  7. Walk don't drive - see the illuminations on foot rather than driving.
  8. Carbon offset - consider carbon-offsetting your flights and travel.