House of Mirrors is a fascinating walk-through installation composed of a labyrinth of endless mirrors. Created by Melbourne installation artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney and produced in collaboration with award winning creative studio CPS, House of Mirrors was commissioned by MONA for DARK MOFO 2016 in Hobart Tasmania.

Since the nineteenth century, mirror mazes have been enchanting those that venture into them resulting in delight and amazement. The House of Mirrors features oblique corridors of large full-length mirrors, producing multiple reflections, tricking the perception of those in front of them. Forty tonnes of steel and fifteen tonnes of mirrored glass will be arranged in combinations of varying angles to create specific effects, including the illusion of being able to see others in the maze. House of Mirrors includes kaleidoscopic like chambers, voids, doorways and breaks, the purist and most traditional form of a mirrored maze.

Open everyday from 9am - 9pm


$5 per person