Brrr- It’s a Frozen Friday at Gunthers Lane!

Step into the wintery wonderland of Arendelle, the home of Anna and Elsa as we watch Frozen on the big screen at Gunthers Lane. Kids can enjoy a hot chocolate, and we have great deals on coffees for mum and dad. There are even 3-D printed Frozen characters and colouring pages!

Be sure to visit the Lane throughout the entire Winter Festival for special 3-D prints for kids, new tech, fun robots, free (fast!) wifi and virtual reality. Who knows, maybe Anna and Elsa will show up too?!

When: Friday 20 July
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Location: Gunthers Lane (Reliance Centre, 203 - 209 Russell St Bathurst)
Cost: Free Admission, $3 Hot Chocolates and Small Coffees

For more information visit Gunthers Lane on Facebook.