1024px Plan nine from outer spaceA tale about flying saucers, zombies and cardboard tombstones, "Plan 9 from Outer Space" is rated as the best worst film ever made. Directed by Edward D Wood this 1959 Sci Fi /Horror has become a cult classic simply because it is "perfectly awful, awfully perfect".

Dress to suit a 1950/60s SciFi or zombie theme with a pop-up bar, a free welcome drink and popcorn.

When: Friday 20 July 2018
Time: 6pm
Location: Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, 224 Howick Street, Bathurst
Cost: $20 adult, $15 concession/student 15+

To book a table for 4 or 5 people or to book single seats, please call 02 6331 5511.

Visit the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum Website for more information.