What is the Bathurst Winter Festival?

The Bathurst Winter Festival is a two-week event during the July school holidays which embraces the magic of Bathurst’s Winter. Whilst the Winter Festival will look quite different this year, Bathurst will still come together to celebrate by feasting on regional food, listening to online music gigs from local artists and immersing in the magic illumination light display.

What events are on during the Bathurst Winter Festival?

We have a range of great events on during the 2020 Bathurst Winter Festival including:
• Drive-in Cinema brought to you by McDonald’s Bathurst
• Illuminations
• Live Music in local bars and restaurants (live-streamed as well)
• Bowman Dental Groove & Grill
• Bite Nights
• Online Markets
• Brighten Up Bathurst Region – drive around Bathurst and surrounding villages to see houses decorated with Winter lights

Do I need to purchase tickets for the event?

Entry into the festival is free.
You will need to purchase tickets for the Drive-in Cinema, brought to you by McDonald’s Bathurst. Tickets will need to be pre-purchased; no tickets can be bought on entry.

What happens if the weather is bad and it is raining or snowing?

The Bathurst Winter Festival will go ahead rain, hail or shine. The event will only be cancelled if exceptionally severe weather makes the venue unsafe, and particularly adverse weather may place restrictions on some areas of the event. In the event of bad weather, keep an eye on the Bathurst Regional Council Events Facebook page for information.


Drive-In Cinema, brought to you by McDonald's Bathurst

When will tickets go on sale?

Monday 22 June. Ticket sales will be available online only.

Admission prices:

Tickets single movie: $35 first release (limited number available), $45 second release.
Tickets Saturday Double Feature: $60 first release (limited number available), $80 second release.
Tickets are sold per vehicle. Tickets can be purchased on Monday 22 June from 12noon

How do I book tickets online?

Online tickets are available by the carload only. Click here to purchase tickets

What movies will be showing at the Drive-In Cinema, brought to you by McDonald's Bathurst?

The full movie listing can be found on our Drive-In Cinema, brought to you by McDonald's Bathurst page here.

When is the Drive-In Cinema, brought to you by McDonald's Bathurst open?

From Saturday 4 July to Sunday 19 July, 2020.

What happens if it rains?

We operate in all weather conditions. 

Do you have ATM & Eftpos facilities?

No ATM is available at the drive-in.
Only card payments will be available for food purchases. No cash.

Are there designated parking spaces?

Each vehicle will be pre-allocated a row in accordance with their vehicle size. You are then free to choose a parking space of your choice in that row.

Can I bring alcohol?

No, this is an alcohol-free event.

Can I bring along a BBQ?

 No, BBQ's are not permitted at the drive-in.

Is my dog allowed at the Drive-In Cinema, brought to you by McDonald's bathurst?

Yes, you may bring your dog as long as it remains within your vehicle at all times.

Can I bring my outdoor chairs?

No unfortunately no gathering outside the vehicles is allowed.

Can I remain in the Drive-In after the movie finishes?

No, you must exit immediately as soon as the movie finishes (within 5 minutes).

How do I listen to the sound of the movie?

It is the patrons responsibility to have an operational FM car stereo or portable FM radio to tune to the sound of the movie. You will be provided with the dedicated FM station to tune into. You cannot stream the audio via the internet on your phone or device.

What if I get a flat battery?

We will have battery packs on hand to get you going. We are unable to start your car during the movie so please ensure you have a backed FM radio to continue to listen to the sound.

Can I walk in and watch a movie?

No walk-ins will be accepted.

Is my boat/trailer/caravan/camper allowed at the Drive-In Cinema, brought to you by McDonald's Bathurst?

No boats, trailers, caravans or campers will be allowed at the drive-in.

What happens if I try to hide someone inside my car (e.g. in my boot)?

It is termed ‘Theft by Deception’. You will be asked to leave, with no refund. Police will be called if you don’t comply and charges laid. You number plate is on record and surveillance cameras are recording 24/7 throughout the premises.

Am I able to drive with headlights on into the Drive-In Cinema, brought to you by McDonald's Bathurst?

Whilst we require you use your parking lights (not driving lights) whilst moving around the Drive-In, you are required to extinguish all lights once you are parked.

Is there an intermission between movies in a double feature?

Yes for approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

Can we sit outside the car, or on the car roof?

No sitting outside the car or on the roof will be allowed. All patrons must remain inside their vehicles unless using the facilities. Sitting in ute trays is also not permitted.

What is a Double Feature?

Two movies played in one session. First movie will start at 6pm with a 10 – 15min intermission before the second movie starts.

What time do the gates open for my session?

Gates will open 1 hour prior to the screening time

How many people can I have in a vehicle?

As long as you are legally seated in a car, meaning one person per seat. Examople, a 5 seater car could have 5 people. You require one ticket per vehicle not per person.

Can I bring in outside food?

Yes. We encourage you to purchase take away from local businesses and bring it with you. There will be a snack bar available at the drive-in.

Is there food available for purchase?

There will be snacks available from the candy bar each night. On Saturdays there will be a limited number of food vendors.

What is first release and second release?

First release is a limited number of tickets for sale for each screening at a discounted price. Once the first release has been exhausted a second release of tickets will be advertised.

Are there toilets?

Yes, however we encourage you to only use them if it essential.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

NO. All tickets must be pre-purchased through the ticketing website. A link will be available here soon.

Will movies be accessible?

YES. Subtilties will be played on each movie. Each car will have a sufficient view of the screen.

Is there a restriction on vehicle sizes?

All vehicles must be no higher than 210cm.



 How are you implementing a COVID Safe environment?

A detailed COVID Safe plan will be available here soon.



Where can I see the illuminations?

• Bathurst Court House
• 84 George Street
• 99 Keppel Street
• 173 George Street
• Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
• Tremains Mill

How long are the illuminations on?

Every night during the festival from dusk until 10 pm.

What are the future dates for Bathurst Winter Festival?

The Bathurst Winter Festival will take place each NSW July School holidays.

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