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A favourite of the festival will return to light up the CBD every night from sundown. The Court House will remain the centre piece of the show with new sites on George and Keppel Streets. Those keen to see the illuminations can do so from the warmth of their own car. Just park across the road, turn your headlights off and watch buildings come to life in colour and sound. Use your radio to tune into the soundtrack that’s synced with the light show.


  • Bathurst Court House -  Tune into radio station 94.2FM - This installation explores the understanding of patterns and mathematics that underpins our understanding of the world and our place in it.
  • 84 George Street - Tune into  radio station 89.1FM - Housepainting - A collaborative video installation featuring the work of school students across Bathurst. Here they have screen recorded their colourings of this beautiful building. The soundtrack for this installation is provided by the Bathurst Academy of Music.
  • Tremains Mill Tune into radio station 89.6FM - Watch the light sequences dance across this historic building.
  • 99 Keppel Street - Tune into radio station 93.3FM - MemoryPalace - The exterior of this historic landmark is transformed into a dynamic tapestry which explores colour, movement and the structure of the building. The soundtrack for this installation is provided by the Mitchell Conservatorium.
  • 173 George Street - Tune into radio station 88.4FM - Magic Lanterns - The magic lantern was the earliest slide projector, first invented in the 1600s. Over the centuries they become a staple of entertainment throughout Europe and America. This installation, a collaboration with local musician Rob Shannon, references these fascinating devices. What can you see in the geometric patterns created by the lantern?
  • Bathurst Regional Art Gallery - Tune into radio station 93.8FM - A drop falls, ripples cascade over a body of water. Two figures appear, hand in hand in solidarity. A sun rises, and an all seeing eye/world sheds a tear. "Turn" is a set of looping animations featuring bold symbols to convey a message of healing, strength and acceptance. A WBYK artwork commissioned by BRAG and ESEM projects.
  • Doppio - Tune into radio station 89.6FM - Connections - A collection of 3D animations from the minds of the MacKillop STEM Club that range from the quirky to the heartfelt.



Brighten Up Bathurst Region

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Winter nights are setting in and the Bathurst Region has come to life with residents displaying their bright lights. Enjoy the light show from the comfort of your car and see every house sparkle with its own unique style.

When: 4-19 July 2020
Time: Sundown - 10pm each night
Places to see:

Voting opens Thursday 9 July on the Bathurst Winter Festival Facebook Page.


1st Prize – Major Winner $1,000 prize
$500 Buy Local Gift Voucher
$500 Bunnings Gift Voucher

People’s Choice
$300 Bunnings Gift Voucher

Best house in the Village
$500 Buy Local Gift Voucher


Key Dates:

4 July - Lights turn on 

8 July - Registrations close

8 July - Submit photos of your display

9 July - People's Choice competition opens

16 July - People’s Choice Close 

17 July - Competition winners announced  

19 July - Last night of illumination



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