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Bowman Dental Groove and Grill is back with a twist. Always a highlight of the Winter Festival, this year’s Bowman Dental Groove and Grill will give local, up and coming musicians a chance to shine with a constant flow of entertainment each weekday for two weeks from the 6 July. Looking to support Bathurst talent and businesses as they get back on their feet, Bowman Dental Groove and Grill will come to you live from a local café featuring a new artist and venue each day. Don’t miss out on delicious food accompanied by delightful music and help us support the Bathurst community. 

  • 14 July - Tess Wilson at Brilliant Street Cafe
  • 15 July - Zoe Bunyan at The Hub
  • 16 July - Jasmine Gold at Bake, Table & Tea


*Please note: this event is subject to changes




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