Each year the buildings of Bathurst shine during the Bathurst Winter Festival as static and interactive illuminations breathe life into the historic architecture throughout the city's CBD. lluminations will commence at sundown each night of the festival and run until 10pm.

Bathurst Court House – will be transformed through light and sound in an epic journey from the macroscopic world of single organisms into complex life forms. Plant shapes and animal animations will light up the Court House as they grow, play and dance across the building. The animation will conclude with the arrival of humans, symbolised by a pair of hands. These hands merge with animals and plants in a symbolisation that humans must continue to protect our species for generations to come

Court House Lane – The gateway to the Enchanted Forrest, Court House Lane will entertain through a combination of animated gifs and sound elements that will be triggered by each passer-by. Swirling molecules will entertain the lane until the audience interrupts its state of being and the projection will burst to life with growing plants and energy bound animals.

Fernery – Last year’s popular Fairy Garden will be transformed into Forest Tales featuring audio stories by school children from Bathurst’s primary schools. Wander through the forest keeping an eye out for creatures hiding between the ferns and listen to the capturing stories from our wildest imaginations.

Machattie Park - As you creep through the Enchanted Forest on your way to the Cathedral, don’t miss the avenue of lights on your journey. Stop here to take your next insta worthy selfie.

Cathedral of St Michael & St John – reflect on the beauty of our worlds natural wonders as the walls of the Church come to life in an abundance of flowers. This will brighten anyone’s winter blues with a flower wall full of roses, dandelions, lilies and orchids.