26 June - 11 July

image of building illuminated

In 2021 we're taking you on a journey through the historic heart of Bathurst on the Illumination Light Walk, with stunning light shows at numerous locations around town. Vibrant colours, lights and animated installations will interpret our 2021 Bathurst Winter Festival theme:  People and Place.

Illuminations and light shows are a central part of the Bathurst Winter Festival and this year we are excited to share a wider footprint for the main light show.

Where: Bathurst, venues around the CBD through to Keppel Street

Pedrottas Lane - Dancing in the Streets
38 William Street - Kaleidoscope
Post Office Howick Street - 2795 Portraits: Faces of Our Streets
109 George Street
Machattie Lane - iMovement
179 George Street - Ngurambang Wahluu
William Street - Colour Our Streets
Machattie Park - Super-organism by Esem Projects
99 Keppel Street - Colour Riot
11 Keppel Street, Tremain's Mill - McKillop College Showcase and BYO Beamer (26 June)
Bathurst Rail Museum - A Journey to Town

When: 26 June - 11 July from sundown to 10pm
Cost: Free
Other: On Armada Opening Night (26 June) the Illumination Light Walk will be lined with boutique food, music and fun activities.
Map: Printable Map here


Illumination Light Walk map 2021