26 June

image of light show on exterior of historic building

How cool is this! We've joined the world wide BYO Beamer movement.

In fact, we've got the first BYO Beamer event in the southern hemisphere.

Our BYO Beamer free light show event will see small, independently crafted films and creative projections from artists on show outdoors at Tremain's Mills on the festival's Armada Opening Night, 26 June 2021, from 6pm to 9pm.

Artists wishing to get involved to show their projection can:


BYO Beamer on Armada Opening Night is the perfect opportunity for a picnic rug, great local takeaway and good company. 

We'll have a program to you shortly.

Where: Tremain's Mills - outdoor projection
When: Saturday 26 June, 6pm to 9pm
Cost: Free