image of young girls skating at Bathurst Winter Festival

Bathurst Regional Council is continuously moving towards providing more sustainable events, and each year we work to minimise the environmental impact of festival activities and reduce our footprint.

Our sustainable initiatives include:
• Supplying reusable cutlery kits, wine glasses and shopping bags.
• Providing waste education to festival goers.
• Reducing the amount of festival flyers printed and printing on 100% recycled paper.
• Providing red, green and yellow bins for waste disposal.

We strongly encourage the move-toward-zero use of single use plastics, and as of 1 July, a total ban on single use plastic bags will be enforced.

Things you can do to reduce your footprint at the Bathurst Winter Festival:
• Bring your own drink bottle to fill up at the free water refill stations.
• Bring your Bathurst Winter Festival wine glass from last year’s festival to reuse for this year’s drinks, or buy a reusable one this year.
• Bring or buy a reusable coffee cup for your warm beverages.
• Leave the top off your takeaway coffee cup to reduce unnecessary plastic use.
• Follow the instructions on each bin when disposing of your waste:
  • Lime green organics bin: for all food waste and napkins
  • Yellow recycling bin: for all drink containers (except coffee cups)
  • Red waste bin: for all other waste
• Leave the car at home and walk to the event, or carpool with friends and family.
• Bring a reusable bag to the markets and events.